Monday, July 8, 2019

9 ways too start inbound marketing today

Using inbound marketing will draw customers to you on the platform of their choice. It is not pushed through cold-calling or knocking on there door. This kind of content will bring customers in your front door, as opposed to the outbound marketing methods which will go to customers who have not asked for it and might not even require your services. Through inbound marketing, you create content which is specifically designed to appeal to your ideal clients, it attracts prospective clients to your business and ensures that they will keep coming back for more. The best part about inbound marketing is that it’s not a paid form of advertising. Prism Global defines four specifically targeted components of Inbound Marketing:

Show or provide the best content to the client at the right time and place through SEO and social media marketing.

Once you have attracted your customers to your site, you convert them to become valuable leads through obtaining their contact information on a landing page. Note that collecting their contact information was not forced on them such a buying data from large companies. 

The Best Inbound Marketing Strategies include:
  1. Email 
  2. Podcast 
  3. Video 
  4. Picture 
  5. Blogs 
  6. E-books
  7. Webinars
  8. Social Media Marketing.
  9. SEO (search engine optimization)
You offered them valuable information/answers which they were looking for, and they are eager to provide their contact details to receive more dynamic information. Close – leads are now transformed into customers. At this stage, you use refined marketing tools such as marketing automation, lead nurturing, and social media monitoring to ensure that the correct leads
are closed at the perfect time.

With Inbound Marketing, you will stay engaged with the customer even after your job is done. With storytelling, social media, and trigger marketing. You can follow it up with appropriate, customized marketing activity. The goal is to delight your customers by having been able to solve their problems as well as turning them into becoming promoters of your business. There is another tremendously important benefit of Inbound Marketing. Since it is content-driven, it lives on your site as long as you want it to. With paid marketing (outbound marketing) such as Google AdWords and
Facebook ads, your leads and website traffic also stops when you stop paying for ads

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